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Liponsaure Ratiopharm 600mg (Germany)Lucchini 2nd Generation Fresh Cell Therapy with THYMUS

LIPOSTABIL N I.V 5ml Slimming (Germany)
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LIPOSTABIL N I.V 5ml Slimming (Germany)

Price per Unit (piece): $450.00
You Save: $30.00



LIPOSTABIL N I.V 5ml Slimming (Germany)



Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is a liquid form of lecithin, an enzyme which occurs naturally in the body. It was first used in the 1950's to dial down climbing cholesterol and triglyceride numbers.

The PC solution is a lipid lowering agent which has been approved in a number of countries for the prophlylaxis and therapy of fat emblolism. The PC has shown ability to break the bonds in fat cells. The fat gradually liquifies and is slowly eliminated from the body in urine and faeces. PC improves weight loss and body sculpture.

Phosphatidylcholine have been used by physicians in many countries for the past few years as a safer alternative to surgical liposuction in fat and cellulite-reduction procedures through multiple small injections, LIPODISSOLVE.


Lipodissolve VS Liposuction:

Liposdissolve has overwhelming possitive reports that should deem it an interesting alternative for some patients seeking for non-invasive body countouring instead of liposuction;

1) Liposuction can cause permanent damage to fat cells and nerve damage; this has not been reported in any of lipodissolve procedures.

2) Liposuction can cause infections and bleeding. leading to death; lipodissolve has extremely rare cases of infection and no reports of bleeding or deaths.

3) Future weight gain after liposuction can appear as disproportionate; Future weight gain from lipodissolve is distributed evenly without 'bumps' or 'waves'.

4) Permanent damage from liposuction can cause structural damage to the mesoderm that appear as cellulite, skin irregularity or waviness of the skin surface; No Stuctural damage or irregularities when applying lipodissolve.

5) Some report claims that liposuction cause more death per percentage than car accidents (one per 5,224 patients in 2000 or 0.5%.Grazer report). Not a single death case has been reported from lipodissolve.

6) Liposuction patients require hospitalization and a much longer recovery time which will affect their daily life and work; Lipodissolve procedure is much simpler and safer.

7) Recent reports from Europe state that every 9th liposuction procedure is a failure with some form of disadvantage or unsatisfactory results. As clinical reports and safety method reports from Austria has given using PC in lipodissolve a 98% success rate with complete safety report.



Sub-Q (SubCutaneous)

There are a few brands which are famous in fat melthin product such as Flatjab, Lipomelt, Lipodissolve. Fat-Away or Lipostabil. Lipostabil is one of the common used in cosmetic line of fat busting.


Most of Reaction:

Phosphatidylcholine has the ability to alter the cholesterol and other fatty acids. It increase the solubility of dat and its deposits. This PC penetrates skin layer and emulsifies the fat underneath, making them more soluble to water.


Dosage Recommended:

1 ampoule every week. Each ampoule divided into few portions for different parts of the body.



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